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Since 1999...

SafetyWorks has been delivering professional occupational safety know-how dedicated to the unique needs of its clients in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Our service offerings focus on OSHA-related safety training, safety program management, and consultation services, and are delivered with the unique needs of your business in mind.

There is no boilerplate to achieve safety excellence.

Your organization’s culture and your people drive your safety solutions.  It remains our ongoing mission to provide our valued clients a measurable return on safety investment by offering quality safety services that positively shape employee attitudes and actions, increase regulatory compliance, and reduce incidents and the costs associated with them. 

Our personable hands-on approach, field experience, and extensive knowledge of OSHA’s regulations and interpretations will make us a perfect fit in your organization.  SafetyWorks can ease strain on the valuable resources you dedicate to safety, and free up your folks to let them do what they do best.